Insulated Zip-Out All Season Leather Chaps, BLACK- Men or Women

Pant Style Leather Chaps with Zip-out Insulation and Mesh lining are designed for those days when there is a chill in the air but you still want to go out riding. These are high-quality chaps that are constructed out of a thick buffalo leather, which is an economical but very durable hide. The waist of the Pant Style Leather Chaps with Zip-out Insulation and Mesh Lining features a traditional belted front that can be adjusted further via the lace-up adjustment panel. The “pant style” in this item’s name refers to the pockets on the front of these chaps, which are similar in placement and style to those on a classic pair of jeans. The quilted thermal lining features a stretch panel and zips out when the weather is warmer.


  • Constructed of economy leather
  • Adjustable at the bottom cut to fit with 3 button options (no hemming needed)
  • Adjustable buckle and back for a perfect fit at the waist
  • Removable liner (zip-out) with a fixed mesh liner
  • Hook and loop pocket at the hip
  • Stretch panel on inner thigh for comfort


HOW TO DETERMINE SIZE: Please measure the thickest part of your thigh (circumference around your thigh at the thickest part) using a cloth tape measure. Be sure to take this measurement with your jeans ON.

Size Chart
Size Thigh Measurement Waist
XS 19 26-34
S 20.5 26-34
M 22 28-38
L 23 32-42
XL 24 32-42
2XL 25 32-42
3XL 26 32-42
4XL 27 32-42
5XL 28 32-42


****NOTE: If multiple items are purchased, some orders may be split.